Video - Like Crashing Waves


SMASH! Interviews - Yui Kanan

"STORIES" - Showreel

An older, alternative showreel that takes a slightly more narrative approach, it was built around having little stories in little sections. 

SMASH! Interviews - Teddyloid

Naught Left But Memory

Advertising & Branded Content

Garry's Great Gardening - TVC

By using sound design to tell most of the story, this draws attention to itself by keeping only what strengthens the concept  - no music, no voiceovers or actors, and thus giving a completely different feel to most TVCs. By avoiding the "music and voiceover" formula, audiences are more likely to pay attention, and less likely to ignore it as background noise. Simplicity is a powerful tool, used well!

KFC - Go Bucket - Social

Originally this project was only a photoshoot, but they liked it so much they asked if I had any video! This was built from the original photo and animated to make sure both the stills and motion versions matched. It did rather well, and KFC used this concept in at least one other future marketing campaign across all their marketing channels.

Photographers Anonymous Sydney - Exhibition Promo

Find a Date - Social

Ravengear - Animated Logo

Colour Grading & VFX

One Shot - Many Looks

Desert VFX - Photos to Videos

VFX Reel

Also check out Naught Left But Memory above (or click here) for another example of colour grading!

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