These are some links to some of my other pages, including social media and some of my other projects. Not all of these are a part of my professional portfolio, as I often engage in different projects, both personal and professional.

Vimeo - My Vimeo page is where I post my better video work, and could be considered my video "portfolio". Some of these videos will make it to YouTube at some point, but Vimeo gets the good ones first.

Thingiverse - I enjoy making Things, and some of them are quite useful for other people. If you have a lasercutter, or just want to see and make some of my object designs, there's something for you here.

YouTube - Originally I was using this page to host some additional content that you won't find on my Vimeo page, in addition to some of the better stuff from my Vimeo page. Not really a portfolio like my Vimeo channel. I've  posted some tutorials and such, but otherwise my Vimeo hosts most of my content.

IMDB- For a quick look at some of the commercial features and TV projects I've worked on, feel free to look at my IMDB.

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