Current Projects

This page is where I post a little about what I'm working on at the moment. Its mostly my personal stuff, and the things you'll find here won't be finished. I'm always working on other things too, but I'll just highlight the more interesting projects here.

More Than a Costume: a video miniseries about cosplay

While its easy to define what cosplay is, the reasons people cosplay can often be just as vivid and colourful as the costumes these people wear. Going beyond the costumes these people wear, More Than a Costume will look at the amazing communities that have formed from cosplay, and reveal some of the reasons why people of all backgrounds and all ages dress up as a part of this colourful cultural phenomenon.

More Than a Costume episodes are released once a week, starting from 12 November.

MoCa  - Modular Camera System

MoCa is an Open Source, modular camera system I am developing. The idea is to create a camera system that allows for users to construct and deconstruct different combinations of components that suit the needs of a project.

So far, it is fully programmable (camera functions are driven by Python), and can be powered by batteries or mains power. It can be used with a fixed lens module, or with interchangeable lenses - both options available in either visible light or Infrared options.

More details, and images, coming soon.

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