Whether its behind a camera, editing my latest project, or planning my next one, I'm always working on something. Specialising in photography and videography, I've got a natural talent for combining the creative and technical sides of a field and using them both to enhance a piece of work. 

While skilled enough to handle any kind of job, I am especially skilled in portraiture and events in Photography, and can handle any part of video production, from initial concept to final output and delivery. 

I am currently working in a Post Production facility, and I have graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Communications Design (Honours), during which I'd achieved more than just a piece of paper. My work had won awards, been shown at film festivals and exhibitions; I'd helped shoot and run events on a national and international scale like the International Children's Games and the inaugural Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games. I'd even worked on projects with groups like the ABC and Yum! Brands.

Colour grading is something I am especially interested in, and in 2014, I completed a thesis that detailed a psychological framework that links the full spectrum of colours to their respective affective states, as well as detailing a number of other psychological considerations in colour grading that are important for both the technical and creative considerations.

I am looking forward to future challenges, and I never stop experiementing, building and working. If you're interested in working with me, or chatting about a project, feel free to contact me! 

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