Video - Like Crashing Waves

"STORIES" - 2017 Showreel

Naught Left But Memory

Naught Left But Memory is the story of a woman who lives on only in the photos that remain of her. Of the ones left behind, and those still holding on. For often the easiest promises to make are the hardest to keep...

More Than a Costume

Cosplay isn't just about costumes. It is about the people, the culture, the communities that make up this incredible group of people. "More Than a Costume" is a miniseries showing the people behind the costumes, with each episode showing a different part of this culture. Check out the full series in the links below!

Episode 1 - becos it's more than a costume

Episode 2 - cosplans to cosplay

Episode 3 - cosplay and conventions

Episode 4 - coffee and cosplay


When a highly advanced, and dangerous, experiment turns on its creator, one can only expect the worst. Yet even the most advanced of intelligences, artificial or not, are subject to Murphy's Law.

Thwarted is a short, sardonic parody that uses primarily physical effects instead of post production to create the film.

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